2009 Annual Report

This was a watershed year for energy efficiency in the Midwest because of an increase in federal funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in addition to the progressive work already underway throughout the region. MEEA estimated that just under $1 billion would be spent annually on energy efficiency in the region by 2012, and this was before the passage of ARRA. ARRA spending will nearly triple the investment in energy efficiency with an additional $2.86 billion in spending. State and local governments across the region are benefiting from this funding by implementing new programs to advance energy efficiency and enacting new energy efficiency resource standards and building energy codes.  

MEEA is thriving because of all this activity in the region and increased support for energy efficiency. Our membership increased by more than 25 percent through 2009. We are recognized as the regional leader in energy efficiency as we continue to bridge the gap between evolving policy initiatives and program opportunities.