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The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is a membership organization of state and local governments, energy utilities, research institutes, manufacturers, energy service providers and advocacy organizations working to advance energy efficiency in the thirteen Midwestern states. Founded in 2000, the nonprofit organization has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to support programs, policies, education and training initiatives, and emerging technologies that have produced significant energy efficiency investment, energy and cost savings, economic growth, and enhanced environmental preservation across the region.

Today, MEEA is the largest and most diverse membership organization of its kind in the region and a partner to US DOE, US EPA, and to other federal and state agencies in their efforts to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient programs, products, and practices across all sectors of the Midwestern economy. MEEA has also become the single best source of information and resources on energy efficiency in the region, and its Midwest Energy Solutions Conference has become the professional and business development networking event of the year for public and private entities alike.  Please join us in advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest!

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MEEA works across the Midwest to increase funding of energy efficient policies, awareness of energy efficiency, and the adoption of programs.

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