Source on Energy Efficiency
MEEA is The Source to empower, connect and inspire all who are affected by energy efficiency.  Being informed about energy efficiency is always a first step. Our goal is to:

  • Empower all those who don't have access to information and to encourage those who have information to share it in meaningful and useful ways.
  • Bring together all those who have information and insight to maximize their value, lessons and impact. We hope to bring about increased collaboration, streamlined information and direct communication to further the energy efficiency cause.
  • Inspire all those who are informed to take action to reduce their energy consumption, dependencies and bills - whether they are regulators, legislators, utilities, consumers or others.
  • Inspire everyone to become energy efficient, and for those who can, to develop new technology, new products, and best practices and to implement sound policies.

MEEA empowers diverse stakeholders with valuable resources, connects stakeholders through their large network and inspires action from all. From events to policy papers, case studies to industry RFPs, MEEA aggregates critical resources and information on energy efficiency from throughout the Midwest.

Consumer Resources

While MEEA is a membership-based organization, we focus not only on our members but in bringing energy efficiency to all of the consumers within our 13-state footprint.  The Consumer Resources section of our website provides consumers with state-specific information on utility energy efficiency programs in their state, links to consumer and ratepayer advocacy organizations that protect their interests, energy efficiency tips, and help finding qualified contractors to do energy efficiency upgrades.

MEEA Publications

MEEA publishes program reports, case studies, policy whitepapers and factsheets, consumer information guides, and more.  In the MEEA Publications section, archives of all of MEEA's publications can be found and perused.  Many of these publications will also be referenced from specific policy and program pages throughout the site, but if you are looking for something MEEA has written, the MEEA Publications section is a great place to start.