MEEA Events

MEEA hosts conferences, workshops, and training sessions throughout the year. Our goals are to educate energy stakeholders, to build awareness of energy efficiency, and to increase the market penetration of energy-efficient products. From annual conferences to workshops, MEEA is the Source for Energy Efficiency in the Midwest.

MEEA Program Events

MEEA's Program Events include webinars, meetings and workshops, and trainings.  Webinars serve to provide updates about MEEA program successes and introductions to new programs and technologies. Visit the Program Events page.

Upcoming Program Events

Upcoming MEEA Program Events

There are no MEEA Program Events currently on the calendar.

MEEA Policy Events

MEEA hosts policy-related events to help educate policymakers, utilities, manufacturers and other businesses, and the public about the benefit of strong energy efficiency policies. Visit the Policy Events page.

Upcoming Policy Events

Upcoming MEEA Policy Events

There are no MEEA Policy Events currently on the calendar.