MEEA Launches Advocacy Toolkit

In response to input received at the 2014 MEEA Annual Meeting of the Membership and the need to mobilize advocates to defend state energy efficiency policies, MEEA developed the Advocacy Toolkit to provide resources and advocacy materials for MEEA members.

This information can be valuable when conveying the importance of energy efficiency investments to policymakers. These materials emphasize the positive impacts energy efficiency has had on our region, to make clear that it is the least cost energy resource and highlight the importance of sustained investment in energy efficiency to capture associated economic benefits.

Explore the Advocacy Toolkit!

This resource includes region-wide and state-specific fact sheets, case studies, energy efficiency messaging information and key policymaker contacts among other resources. The toolkit will be updated with new information and materials over time. This toolkit is intended to be a resource for members. We hope you find this information valuable and welcome your feedback!

If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact Julia Friedman at jfriedman@mwalliance.org or (312) 784-7265.