Midwest Consumer Electronics Program

Effective Energy Savings

Consumer electronics currently account for 11 - 14% of U.S. residential electricity usage and this load is growing at more than 6% per year compared to 1.8% growth overall. MEEA’s Midwest Consumer Electronics Program (CEP) incentivizes sale of energy efficient electronics, capturing these yet-untapped energy savings in a highly effective manner.  The CEP utilizes the power of retailers in driving consumer electronics selection. Participating retailers are offered rebates for each qualifying energy efficient product sold. Working directly with retailers ensures highly concentrated, easily verifiable energy savings.

Leveraging Economies of Scale

The CEP is currently running in five Western states and has established contracts with all major electronics retailers. Recognizing the distinct benefits this program offers to Midwestern utilities, MEEA has joined the CEP participants as the Midwest signatory. MEEA signs all required retailer contracts, minimizing sponsor legal needs and greatly expediting program launch. MEEA’s role as program administrator and regional aggregator keeps costs low for all participating Midwest sponsors. As each additional sponsor joins the CEP, program costs are lowered for all involved. 

One of the Program’s key strengths is that it allows U.S. utilities across the region—and the country—to combine forces. Required efficiency levels for each incentivized product group are determined collectively, ensuring that the Program is consistent throughout all sponsor territories. This makes the CEP attractive to national retailers, allowing it to capture increasingly large energy savings.

A Turnkey Solution, Flexible in Size & Scope

MEEA takes all the guesswork out of initiating a consumer electronics program by administering the CEP from commencement to wrap-up. This includes:

  • Providing baseline analysis of current stocking practices and sales history to use for determination of claimed savings
  • Printing and installing sponsor-specific point of purchase materials that highlight each individual sponsor’s efforts
  • Coordinating day-to-day program operations with CEP’s implementation contractors
  • Aggregating product sales and energy savings data by zip code in monthly reports

Each sponsor may choose which products they wish to incentivize through the CEP. Through the retail channel, options include highly efficient televisions, desktop PCs, monitors, DVD players, and more. A sponsor may choose to focus on just one or all of these products. Sponsors also have flexibility with incentive budget size and the number of stores that will participate in the program at any given time, allowing for a seamless transition between pilot phase and full ramp-up.

►Download the Program Information Sheet

►Download the Program Introduction Webinar from November, 2009

For more information on the Midwest Consumer Electronics Program, email Will Baker at
wbaker@mwalliance.org or call him at 312.673.2489.