Emerging Technologies

Energy efficiency is technology-driven. New energy efficient technologies seek to enhance the gains in energy efficiency made in previous generations of technology, and to compensate for the increased energy use as we use more and more high-tech products within our homes and businesses.   As new products emerge into the market they often come at a higher price point than existing technologies, and can be intimidating and risk-prone. MEEA's Emerging Technologies programs are there to help manage the risks in bringing new energy efficient technologies to the market, to increase market adoption, and to ensure that the first steps into these new markets aren't missteps.

MEEA's Emerging Technologies programs include:

Contact information for the project managers for each of these programs is detailed on the program pages.  For general questions about MEEA's Emerging Technologies energy efficiency programs please email MEEA's Director of Programs, Will Baker, at 312-673-2489 or wbaker@mwalliance.org.