MEEA Policy Events

MEEA hosts policy-related events to help educate policymakers, utilities, manufacturers and other businesses, and the public about the benefit of strong energy efficiency policies.  The Policy Events that MEEA holds throughout the region include:

  • Regional Codes Conference, an annual event that brings together Midwestern code advocates and stakeholders to discuss regional codes issues like enforcement, verification, code advances, and training needs.
  • Capitol Events, public events bringing energy efficiency organizations, manufacturers of energy efficient products, energy efficiency service providers, and other energy resources together with policymakers to promote energy efficiency.
  • Thought Leadership Roundtables, invitation-only events to bring key stakeholders together to discuss energy efficiency policy
  • MEEA Policy Webinars, that educate and inform our members, stakeholders, and the public about regional developments, trends, and best-practices in energy efficiency policy.


Upcoming MEEA Policy Events

There are no MEEA Policy Events currently on the calendar.

Midwest Energy Codes & Benchmarking Conference

The Midwest Building Energy Codes & Benchmarking Conference brings together stakeholders from across the Midwest to discuss how best to promote the adoption and raise compliance with building energy codes across the region. The conference provides an opportunity for stakeholders from various disciplines to meet, network and discuss the various approaches and strategies needed for improved energy codes adoption and compliance.

MEEA Policy Webinars

Upcoming MEEA Policy Webinars

There are no MEEA Policy Webinars currently on the calendar.

Previous MEEA Policy Webinars

Energy Expos & Thought Leadership Roundtables

Capitol Events

MEEA's Capitol Events bring together energy stakeholders with policymakers to find common ground in supporting and advancing energy efficiency policies and programs in the Midwest. These events provide manufacturers, retailers, utilities, non-profits, and energy service companies with the opportunity to highlight what their respective organizations are doing to promote energy efficient practices. The multi-faceted group of exhibitors also demonstrates the economic development potential of energy efficient technologies, programs and policies.

Past Capitol Events

2015 — Illinois
2014 — Ohio
2011 — Ohio, Wisconsin
2009 — Illinois, Ohio
2007 — Michigan
2003 — Illinois, Indiana, Michigan


Thought Leadership Roundtables

As part of our energy efficiency outreach efforts, MEEA periodically holds what we call Thought Leadership Roundtables. These events take place in different states and cities throughout the Midwest. MEEA's Thought Leadership Roundtables bring together individuals and organizations with intent of raising the profile and deepen the understanding of energy efficiency and the positive impact EE can bring to consumers, businesses and government.

Past Roundtables

2014 — Indiana
2010 — Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan
2009 — Indiana, Missouri
2008 — Iowa
2007 — Minnesota