Energy Efficiency Policies and Practices in Midwestern States

There are many aspects of energy policy that influence energy efficiency, from executive orders and policy goals, to legislative mandates, and regulatory and compliance issues.  MEEA provides support for policymakers that are working to advance energy efficiency, by educating policymakers at all levels including governors, state legislators, state agencies and boards, regulatory commissions, county and municipal executives, and municipal councils and agencies about the benefits of energy efficiency.  We also strive to provide critical information and analysis to our members and advocacy allies to enlist them in the energy efficiency cause.

MEEA is actively engaged in policy efforts in states throughout our region, including efforts to adopt new policies, to implement recently-passed policy changes, and to update outdated policies.  The energy policy field is dynamic and exciting, with new advances and ongoing challenges, and many places for involvement at the municipal, state, and regional level.

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You can learn more about the energy efficiency policies and practices that Midwestern states have adopted by visiting our Policy Overview section for discussion and regional-level overviews.


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Energy Efficiency Policies, Programs, and Practices in the Midwest:
A Resource Guide for Policymakers (2014 Edition)

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Timeline of Energy Efficiency Policies in the Midwest

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