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MEEA’s Capitol Events bring together energy stakeholders with policymakers to find common ground in supporting and advancing energy efficiency policies and programs in the Midwest.  These events provide manufacturers, retailers, utilities, non-profits, and energy service companies with the opportunity to highlight what their respective organizations are doing to promote energy efficient practices.  The multi-faceted group of exhibitors also demonstrates the economic development potential of energy efficient technologies, programs and policies.

MEEA has hosted several Capitol Events throughout the region, most recently in Springfield, IL (April 2015), Lansing, MI (September 2014), and Columbus, OH (May 2014).

2015 Illinois Legislative Breakfast

On April 29, 2015, MEEA held a Legislative Breakfast event at Café Moxo in downtown Springfield, IL. The event provided an opportunity to showcase businesses’ and organizations’ efforts in implementing energy efficiency programs – highlighting in particular the economic benefit derived directly from such programs.

Speaking participants included:

  • Jacob Preciado, the Construction Manager at the Archdiocese of Chicago;
  • Patty and Mike Hartnett, Co-Owners of Constructive Ideas;
  • David Bowman, Workforce Specialist at Lincoln Land Community College;
  • Anne Smith, Executive Director of the Menard County Public Housing Association;
  • Freddie Perez, Environmental Consultant with Project Green Chicago;
  • Kiersten Sheets, the Energy Solutions Implementer at Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc.

Jacob explained that in some of the churches, the boilers are over 100 years old and that the parishes all have to self-finance these improvements with a limited budget so the utility rebates were vital. Patty and Mike have expanded their business because of the Illinois Home Performance (IHP) and rebate programs. They explained how sealing a “leaky” home does not only save energy costs but also improves comfort. David talked about his experience working with Building Operator Certification (BOC) teachers and talked about BOC course offerings being a draw to Lincoln Land Community College. Kiersten discussed her company’s involvement in the Illinois Energy Now Program since 2011, which has enabled them to offset costs for energy efficiency projects for nine government buildings, twelve school districts including a university, and two park districts—totaling $591,923.95 in reduced energy costs.

The event format allowed for networking and/or brief follow-up with speakers regarding specific elements of their energy efficiency efforts. Throughout the course of the 2-hour event, approximately 40 people attended, including several state legislators.

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2014 Michigan EE Expo

The Michigan Energy Efficiency Expo (MI EE Expo) was held on September 17, 2014 at the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing. It was co-hosted and sponsored by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) in collaboration with the Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors Association (MEECA) and the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (MiEIBC). The Expo brought together utilities, small businesses, manufacturers, efficiency program implementers, and other energy stakeholders to highlight the economic value of energy efficiency policies to the state of Michigan and to demonstrate support for energy efficiency.

The MI EE Expo had 45 businesses exhibit at the event, including several MEEA Members. The event was open to the public, legislators, and other policymakers. Exhibitors had a chance to tell their story and further educate these decision makers on the opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency.

A press conference held in the Capitol rotunda was opened by Brindley Byrd, Executive Director of MEECA. Remarks by Stacey Paradis, Executive Director of MEEA, included how utilities have consistently exceeded their energy savings targets since the passage of Public Act 295 of 2008. Moreover, in 2012, Michigan’s energy policies stimulated $246 million of utility investment in energy efficiency. MEEA’s Vice-Chair Lauren Casentini, spoke to the importance of the energy efficiency industry within the state and how CLEAResult’s business has expanded under a supportive policy environment. The press conference also included Senator Nofs (R-19th District), Chair of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee, who highlighted the work of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Workgroup that he chairs and its impact on the state’s energy efficiency future.

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2014 Ohio Energy Efficiency Expo

On Wednesday, May 14, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) hosted energy efficiency businesses at the 2014 Ohio Energy Efficiency Expo. The event included speakers and exhibitors from a variety of businesses operating in Ohio, from industrial companies, to high tech manufacturers, to consulting services.  20 organizations exhibited at this event, with many more individuals in attendance to learn about the value the energy efficiency industry brings to Ohio’s economy.

This expo gave a voice to a business community that has created jobs and contributed to economic growth ever since the 2008 landmark legislation which established the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS). This is an exciting time for energy efficiency in Ohio.  Thanks to the EERS, Ohio has been an energy efficiency success story. Energy efficiency programs have increased dramatically, created thousands of jobs across the state, and are saving billions for consumers and businesses. Energy efficiency also improves business competitiveness by reducing companies’ power bills and by lowering power prices for everyone.

Informational materials from the event are also available at the following links:

2011 Ohio Energy Expo

The 2011 Ohio Energy Expo was held on Wednesday, May 11th, on the West Plaza of the Ohio Statehouse. The event was hosted by MEEA, and sponsored by JACO Environmental Inc. and The Energy Foundation. The event showcased over 25 exhibitors, including energy service companies, utilities, manufacturers, retailers, and non-profits to display the importance and the economic development potential of energy efficiency policies in Ohio.

Specifically, the Ohio Energy Expo highlighted the impact of Senate Bill 221. This 2008 landmark legislation established an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard for the state’s investor-owned utilities and helped the state create economic opportunity, add jobs, and save money for customers across the state. The Ohio Energy Expo also featured representatives from Ohio’s three major utilities, AEP, Duke, and Dayton Power & Light. Each utility spoke on their energy efficiency programs, which resulted in a combined savings of more than 850,000 MWh in 2009-2010. These programs will save their customers an estimated $351 million over the life of the measures.

The event was attended by legislators, commissioners, regulators, MEEA Members and guests. Attendees heard presentations from MEEA’s Executive Director Jay Wrobel, as well as Beth Gianforcaro from the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, Greg Tiernan of Duke Energy, Michelle Cross of AEP Ohio, and Kara McMillen of Dayton Power & Light.

2011 Wisconsin Energy Expo

MEEA, in partnership with Clean Wisconsin, hosted the 2011 Wisconsin Energy Expo which was held on Tuesday October 25th in Madison. The Wisconsin Energy Expo highlighted how clean energy and energy efficiency has positively supported Wisconsin’s businesses and helped consumers save money.

There were over 20 exhibitors featuring energy service companies, utilities, manufacturers and retailers, showcasing the economic development potential of clean energy and energy efficiency. Also at the Wisconsin Energy Expo, MEEA released a report highlighting the positive benefits of energy efficiency programs and policies within the state, and the predicted impact of proposed legislation.

Energy Expos bring together energy service companies, utilities, manufacturers and retailers to allow them to exhibit, free of cost, and highlight the economic development potential of clean energy and energy efficiency. These collaborative events are attended by government officials, businesses, and advocates, to find common ground to support and advance clean energy and energy efficiency policies and programs.

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Hold an Efficiency Event at Your Capitol

 If you are interested in more information about MEEA's Capitol Events, or your organization would like to collaborate with MEEA to bring one to your State Capitol, contact Leah Scull Policy Associate at lscull@mwalliance.org or 312.784.7247.