Midwest Energy Codes Status Report - July 25, 2014

Midwest Energy Codes Status Report

July 25, 2014

Building Energy Code Activity


The Michigan Residential Code Review Committee has voted to approve a new statewide building energy code for residential buildings.  The new code is based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), with modifications that are listed below.  Unfortunately, there are several layers of administrative review and approval that must take place before the code is officially adopted by the state; therefore, final approval is not expected until 2016.  Michigan is still planning to convene a committee to update the  commercial building code, including the energy efficiency portion, later this year.

Below are the amendments to the 2012 IECC that Michigan is planning to incorporate:

  1. Wall Insulation (prescriptive table only):
    • Climate zones 6 and 7: R-20 or R-13 + 5
  2. Basement Insulation:
    • Climate zone 5: R- 10/13
  3. Ceiling Insulation:
    • Climate zone 5: R-38
  4. U-factor Table (R402.1.3):
    • Modified to reflect changes to prescriptive table
  5. Air Leakage:
    • Requires blower door test to confirm air leakage of less than 4 ACH50 (prescriptive)
  6. Duct Leakage:
    • Requires duct leakage test when portion of duct system located outside conditioned space. Must meet one of the following leakage requirements:
      • Postconstruction Test:
        • Total Leakage: 4 CFM25 / 100 sq ft.
        • Leakage to Outside: 4 CFM25 / 100 sq ft.
      • Rough-in test
        • Total Leakage: 4 CFM25 / 100 sq ft.

For more information, please visit MEEA’s blog - MEEA Unplugged - or contact Matthew Giudice, mgiudice@mwalliance.org.


The Illinois Capital Development Board has begun the process to update the statewide building energy code to the 2015 IECC.  The state’s Energy Codes Advisory Council has met several times to begin preliminary adoption work.  The group is accepting amendment proposals to the 2015 IECC, from now until December 1, 2014.  Please visit the Illinois Capital Development Board website for more information and instructions on how to submit a proposed amendment.  For more information, please contact Matthew Giudice at MEEA, mgiudice@mwalliance.org.


As part of an initiative from the Nebraska Energy Code Compliance Collaborative related initiative, the state recently completed a commercial energy code compliance study, performed by the Britt Makela Group. The following online resources are available:

For more information, please contact Chris Burgess at MEEA, cburgess@mwalliance.org.

Midwest Building Energy Codes and Benchmarking Conference

MEEA will be hosting the 5th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes & Benchmarking Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, November 18 – 20, 2014.  The first day will be dedicated to benchmarking issues, and the second and third days will focus on energy codes.  The codes sessions will include discussions on current topics, including: utility claimed savings compliance efforts, 2015 IECC, HERS and the code, and other issues related to adoption and compliance of codes in the Midwest.  The event will be held at Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown.  Please contact Matthew Giudice at MEEA for more information or to be added to the conference distribution list: mgiudice@mwalliance.org.


For more information on MEEA’s energy codes activities, please contact:

Isaac Elnecave | Senior Policy Manager
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Matthew Giudice | Building Policy Associate
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance