Midwest Energy Codes Status Report - Feb 1, 2013

Midwest Energy Codes Status Report

January 12, 2013 – February 1, 2013

The following is a brief rundown of building energy codes activity in the Midwest/Plains states.

Building Energy Codes Activity:


  • A group of stakeholders has formed the Utility Codes Roundtable in Illinois to discuss the prospect of developing a utility codes program in the near future.  MEEA is facilitating this effort which includes representatives from all the investor-owned utilities in the state as well as the state energy office, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).  Initial efforts are underway to determine the potential energy savings that might be claimed from any such programs.


  • Several municipalities are considering adopting energy codes or updating current codes, including Springfield, where a local Green Building Task Force is looking at this issue.  MEEA will collaborate with Sierra Club to assist in this effort.  A code update in Springfield would be a milestone in the state, as it is the largest city in Southwest Missouri and could spur nearby jurisdictions to follow suit. 
  • The Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) has selected Springfield and Columbia, Missouri as two cities where it will implement a consumer education project.  This program will aim to determine current awareness and inform local populations about the importance and benefits of building energy codes. BCAP will conduct consumer opinion surveys and a targeted media campaign with the intention of creating a more informed consumer base, which may ease energy code adoption efforts in the future.
  • Bills being considered in Missouri’s state legislature would allow smaller jurisdictions in Missouri to adopt their own building codes.  Currently, only jurisdictions meeting a minimum tax base threshold can adopt codes.  Similar proposals have been considered in the past, but there have been reports of increased interest in the issue this session.  

Click for more information on the preliminary version of Senate Bill 24 or House Bill 45.


  • The Nebraska Energy Office has begun developing a stakeholder group focused on energy codes compliance in Nebraska.  This initiative will build on the efforts of the Building Codes Advisory Council (BCAC), led by the Nebraska Energy Office, which has already established key contacts and prompted interest in this issue in the state.  The new compliance-focused collaborative group will be reaching out to stakeholders soon and will determine a set of goals and a pathway to success.   BCAP will facilitate the first couple of meetings to get the group going.  Afterwards, it is likely that MEEA will take up the role.

For more information, contact Chris Burgess, Technical Manager for Codes Compliance:


Building Energy Benchmarking, Rating and Disclosure Activity:


  • Currently under consideration by the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota is an ordinance which mandates disclosure of public and large commercial building yearly energy consumption. Following a unanimous vote by the Council’s Regulatory, Energy and Environment Committee, the ordinance will be considered for adoption by the full City Council on February 8, 2013.

The current ordinance language follows a gradual implementation timeline, permitting private building owners multiple years to plan for and complete the public disclosure of their building’s energy use information. Data submission requirements are outlined with the following timeframe, while public disclosure of the information follows a year later for each category:

  • City-owned buildings: every year starting in 2013
  • Privately-owned buildings of 100,000 square feet and over: every year starting in 2014
  • Privately-owned buildings 50,000 square feet and over: every year starting in 2015

Please visit our blog for more information on the Minneapolis initiative.

Contact Steve Kismohr, Senior Technical Manager at MEEA for more information: skismohr@mwalliance.org.

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