Midwest Energy Codes Status Report - December 20, 2013

Midwest Energy Codes Status Report

December 20, 2013


Building Energy Codes Activity:


  • The Iowa Department of Public Safety has published a Notice of Intended Action, which outlines a proposed update of the statewide building energy code. The proposed code includes the unamended 2012 IECC for commercial buildings and an amended version of the 2012 IECC for residential buildings. A public hearing will be held on January 7, 2014 to discuss the proposed code. The hearing will be held at 10am in Room 125 of the Oran Pape State Office Building, 215 E 7th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.

    The Notice of Intended Action, including the proposed energy code update, can be found in the November 27, 2013 edition of the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.


  • On Wednesday, December 11th, the Nebraska Energy Code Compliance Collaborative hosted its fifth meeting in Lincoln. Among the topics discussed were: state and local policy updates, code training opportunities, and a commercial code compliance baseline study.  A group of stakeholders also agreed to form a working group to explore the potential for utility support for energy code compliance based on reductions of peak electricity demand. Members of this working group may include: Nebraska utilities, local code officials, the State Energy Office, and MEEA. For more information, please contact Chris Burgess, Technical Manager at MEEA, cburgess@mwalliance.org.


  • The process to adopt the 2012 IECC as the statewide building energy code is continuing in Minnesota.  The Department of Labor and Industry plans to first resolve issues on the residential code, except for the energy portion. The Department will then release proposed rules for the energy code, which will likely occur in January or February, 2014, with a public comment period to follow.


Benchmarking and Energy Rating Activity:

Madison, Wisconsin

  • On December 2nd, the City of Madison introduced an ordinance which creates a building energy tracking (benchmarking) requirement for City-owned buildings over 15,000 square feet, commercial buildings greater than 15,000 square feet, and residential rental properties containing 35 or more dwelling units.

    Similar to other ordinances, Madison is slated to implement the disclosure requirements in a three year, phased approach, allowing building owners to have two years grace period before energy use information is made public. This proposed ordinance would include 72% of the total commercial buildings and approximately 23% of the total, existing building stock. Similar to legislation that successfully passed in Chicago, this proposed ordinance also includes a verification requirement. Every three years, building owners will be required to have a qualified in-house or third party to confirm the accuracy of the energy use data before it is submitted to the city.  For more information, please contact Steve Kismohr, Senior Technical Manager at MEEA, skismohr@mwalliance.org.

Midwest Energy Solutions Conference:

  • MEEA is hosting the annual Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago, January 14 – 16, 2014.  Stakeholders from across the region and the country will convene to discuss the latest challenges and accomplishments in energy efficiency, as well as lay out the efficiency program and policy landscape for the following year.  There will be a panel discussion focused on energy codes, titled: “How Can We Realize the Savings Potential of Energy Codes?” This session will focus on code compliance, including discussions on training, code collaboratives, and the use of third party code enforcement. There will also be a discussion on how these types of activities can fit within a cost-effective utility program.

    Please visit the MES Conference website to learn more about the conference and register online.


For more information on MEEA’s energy codes activities, please contact:


Isaac Elnecave | Senior Policy Manager                    Matthew Giudice | Building Policy Associate

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance                           Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

312.784.7253                                                                   312.374.0926

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