Midwest Energy Codes Status Report - August 9, 2013

Midwest Energy Codes Status Report

August 9, 2013

The following is a brief rundown of building energy codes activity in the Midwest/Plains states.

Building Energy Codes Activity:


  • The governor-appointed Iowa Building Codes Advisory Committee is expected to release a draft version of an updated statewide energy code in the coming weeks. The BCAC considered amendments that were proposed following a stakeholder working group earlier this year. Following the release of the draft code, based on the 2012 IECC, public comments will be accepted, and the code may be adopted 180 days later.


  • The Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes will begin a review of the residential portion of the 2012 IECC, starting August 28th at the first meeting of the Residential Code Review Committee. The first public meeting will be an introductory half-day session and is not expected to include substantive discussion. Subsequent meetings will take place regularly until the end of the year, and a schedule is available on the BCC website.  Proposed residential amendments to the 2012 IECC are being accepted until October 18th, and an amendment proposal form is available online.

The Michigan Legislative Service Bureau is making edits to a draft commercial energy code that is expected to be released in September, 2013, after which public comments will be accepted.


  • The Omaha, Nebraska city council is planning to update their residential energy code next month. The council is currently considering amendments to the 2012 IECC, and they are planning to adopt a new code in September, 2013, with enforcement to begin in January, 2014.  The process to update the commercial energy code in Omaha will begin soon, with adoption not expected until the middle of 2014. Several surrounding municipalities are expected to follow the lead of Omaha’s city council with respect to updating their residential and commercial energy codes.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska will begin the process to update the municipal energy code by convening a stakeholder group to discuss the residential and commercial 2012 IECC.  The group is expected to recommend amendments to the city council.  The council expects to finish the process some time in 2014.

4th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference:

MEEA will hold its 4th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from October 22nd – 24th.  The first day of the event will be a full day pre-conference focused on issues related to building energy benchmarking and disclosure.  The second day will begin with an introductory “Energy Codes 101” breakfast, followed by a full day on Wednesday and half day on Thursday focused on energy code issues in the Midwest.  For more information, contact Matthew Giudice at MEEA, mgiudice@mwalliance.org. Information on past conferences can be found on MEEA’s website.

For more information on MEEA’s energy codes activities, please contact:

Isaac Elnecave | Senior Policy Manager                   Matthew Giudice | Building Policy Associate
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance                      Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
312.784.7253                                                           312.374.0926
ielnecave@mwalliance.org                                    mgiudice@mwalliance.org