How does SB58/HB302 impact Ohio's energy efficiency investment and how do these proposals compare to other states in the Midwest?

In response to requests from members of the Ohio State Senate, MEEA prepared an analysis comparing the provisions in 2013 Senate Bill 58/House Bill 302 to the current policies in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

SB 58/HB 302 takes Ohio’s energy efficiency standard, previously considered one of the strongest in the Midwest, and weakens it through changes that take it significantly out of the “best practices” standards seen in the region. Overall, this comparison illustrates that SB 58/HB 302, as proposed, lessens the value and consumer benefits of energy efficiency as it mandates technologies and programs to be defined as efficiency and allows for broad allowance of energy savings that aren’t energy efficiency and could be more than 5 years old. SB 58/HB 302 also dilutes the authority of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio which is in place to ensure cost-effective and appropriate use of ratepayer dollars.