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Industrial energy use makes up 26% of the electric consumption and 33% of the natural gas consumption in MEEA's 13 Midwest and Great Plains states. The region has enjoyed historically low priced energy, but as efficiency legislation is enacted and clean air standards and other regulations are becoming more stringent, energy prices are increasing.

In order to help assist manufacturing competitiveness, MEEA has launched the Midwest Industrial Initiative (MI2) as a resource to connect industrials with local and national energy efficiency information and contacts. MI2, acting as a gateway for Federal industrial initiatives, will be a regional network for state, local and utility efficiency programs and professionals creating a one-stop shop that links industrials with policy and program best practices to make more informed decisions about the advantages of installing energy efficient technologies and processes.

For information about MEEA’s Midwest Industrial Initiative, including utility programming, case studies and additional resources, please visit the Midwest Industrial Intiative website:



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Midwest Utility Industrial Forum

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Midwest Utility Industrial Forum

MEEA’s Midwest Industrial Initiative (MI2) is pleased to announce the launch of the Utility Industrial Forum.  This Forum, for MEEA Member electric and natural gas utilities, will be a series of conference calls and periodic in-person meetings that will allow participants to discuss the challenges and opportunities for engaging industrial customers to achieve greater participation in efficiency programs.

The kickoff event for the Forum was a conference call on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.  This call served as a sounding board for utilities to voice their thoughts on issues affecting their energy efficiency policies and programs serving large industrial users and major manufacturers.  In addition this call covered logistics, such as how often the Forum should meet and scheduling for potential in-person meetings. 

If you are a MEEA Member and represent an electric or natural gas utility and would like to participate, please contact us via industrial@mwalliance.org to be placed on the call invite list..