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Joining MEEA's collaborative network means a brighter future for everyone. From utilities to non-profits to government to energy professionals, MEEA is where all stakeholders find a common ground to balance interests, and to raise the level of energy efficiency in the region through education and awareness, programs and policies.

If you are active in MEEA, it means meeting critical players and leaders in the industry, working collaboratively with government and policymakers, having a seat at the table on the future of energy efficiency and being at the forefront of technology advancements.

Through MEEA, the public and private sectors join forces and are inspired to create new technologies, new products and new ways of thinking about energy efficiency. MEEA fosters mutually rewarding partnerships and win-win relationships, creating a vital network. You can be part of the solution when you join MEEA and help create a brighter future for the world.

How Can MEEA Help You?

MEEA is a bipartisan organization staffed by professionals and energy efficiency specialists. Although MEEA does not participate in any lobbying efforts, we do serve our members by facilitating or coordinating programs, policy initiatives, education and outreach campaigns, workshops, training and research studies. As a network of members MEEA forges new opportunities for collaboration and discussion.

MEEA members identify the following benefits as among the most important to them:

  • Supporting a regional approach to shaping local energy policy
  • Learning about emerging technologies and best practices
  • Regional energy efficiency program coordination and new ways to collaborate to meet your goals
  • Access to training and education programs to advance energy efficiency
  • Increasing visibility for their organization’s commitment to energy efficiency and the environment
  • Networking and collaborating with knowledgeable peers
  • Connecting with expert energy efficiency resources
  • Discounts to attend the region’s largest energy efficiency event, the Midwest Energy Solutions Conference
  • Attendance at invitation-only events, including the Annual Meeting of the Membership, Energy Expos and Thought Leadership Roundtables