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Intelligent Efficiency and Utility Programs: Reports from the Midwest

Energy efficiency stakeholders across the country are grappling with a wave of new products and platforms, and the accompanying flood of data and new capabilities is poised to change the Midwest efficiency program landscape. To better understand these trends, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) conducted a literature review, surveyed Midwestern energy efficiency programs at the utility, state and local levels and held over twenty targeted interviews with representatives from energy utilities, manufacturers, program implementers, research organizations and local government.

Midwest Residential Market Assessment and DSM Potential Study

This 2006 study, commissioned by MEEA, sponsored by Xcel Energy, and performed by Summit Blue Consulting, characterizes the market saturation of energy efficient technologies, products, practices, and behavior in the resdiential market in the nine states encompassing MEEA's footprint at that time.  It also reviews the single-state market assessments that were available at the time of publication and estimates a baseline potential for future residential demand side management (DSM) programs.

Illinois Residential Market Analysis

This 2003 study, published by MEEA and sponsored by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, ComEd, and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, identifies opportunities for expansion of energy efficiency in the residential market in Illinois.  It gauges the level of energy-efficient products, technologies, and practices of utility customers in Illinois, and presents potential for further adoption.

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