RFP: Iowa Net-to-Gross Report

Pursuant to Iowa Utilities Board orders approving the latest electric and gas efficiency plans and settlement terms for Iowa’s largest investor-owned utilities (MidAmerican Energy Company, Interstate Power and Light Company, and Black Hills Energy), the investor-owned utilities will work with municipal and cooperative utilities and other energy efficiency stakeholders in Iowa to provide a more complete analysis of whether net-to-gross is beneficial, given Iowa’s regulatory regime and the design of energy efficiency plans. The Iowa Administrative Code requires utilities to “estimate gross and net capacity and energy savings, accounting for free riders, take-back effects, and measure degradation.” (199 IAC 35.8(2)“c”).  Historically, utilities have met this requirement in energy efficiency plans by relying on a deemed ratio of 1.0.

The utilities and stakeholders have agreed that the Iowa Utility Association (IUA) will issue the RFP and will be the contract holder for the project. The accompanying RFP outlines the project background, project goals and anticipated project results. The consultant’s role shall be to develop a net-to-gross white paper that satisfies the objectives, timelines and characteristics listed in the RFP.

Please review the accompanying RFP and related documents for complete details.

Download the RFP documents from the Iowa Utility Association: