Register today for Midwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit: Scoring Savings with Effective Program Design

Join us for a pre-conference Summit on the very best-in-class ratepayer funded industrial energy efficiency programs and learn how they are working for the industries that use them. The SEE Action Network and World Resources Institute/ACEEE will present new reports on best practices and a panel of industries will share the characteristics of programs that work well for them.

The Summit will be on Tuesday, January 14 from 8:30 – 12:00 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. There is no charge for the event. Conference attendees and others are welcome.

The Summit is sponsored by the Midwestern Governors Association, the Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources, Great Plains Institute, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, World Resources Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the SEE Action Network.

Due to the generous support of our sponsors there is no cost to attend the summit.

Detailed Agenda and Registration Information