Member RFP: AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Programs 2017-2019

Company Overview:

Ohio Power Company (AEP Ohio) is an operating company subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP) serving approximately 1.5 million customers in Ohio.  AEP Ohio provides distribution electric service to more than 920 communities located in 61 of the state’s 88 counties.  AEP Ohio is the largest operating company subsidiary of AEP.  AEP Ohio recently filed its 2017-2019 Energy Efficiency/Peak Demand Reduction (EE/PDR) Action Plan (Plan).  The Plan includes a broad array of programs for all customer classes. The Plan is filed as Case # 16-0574 and can be viewed at the Commission’s website.

Request for Proposals:

AEP Ohio is looking for qualified implementation contractors to implement the following programs:


In order to participate in the RFP for these programs, you must be registered with Ariba and have an AEP profile.  To get registered please click on the following link:  http://aep.supplier.ariba.com/ad/register/SSOActions?type=full

Once you have received the final approval from AEP, please email Jennifer Downey at jldowney@aep.com or Sarah Padgett at sjpadgett@aep.com to be invited to participate in the RFP.  NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Any questions, please contact Jennifer Downey or Sarah Padgett via email.