Member RFP: AEP Efficient Products Program

MEEA Member AEP has released an RFP for their Efficient Products Program:

American Electric Power Service Corporation (“AEP”) serves approximately 5.3 million customers across portions of eleven states. Our regulated utility operations include seven regional utility companies, or Operating Companies (“OPCo” or “OPCos”), representing ten legal entities. 

The Efficient Products Program (“Program”) will provide incentives and marketing support through retailers to build market share and usage of efficient lighting, appliances, and/or electronics primarily through a mark-down approach. Customer incentives at the point of sale encourage increased purchases of high-efficiency products while in-store signage and sales associate training make provider participation easier. The program also promotes convenient recycling for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs bulbs) at local retailers equipped for such service. For smaller retail stores that do not have the capability to provide mark downs, instant rebate coupons will be available. The program will use a retail channel-based strategy to influence the purchase of high-efficiency equipment. Since lighting and appliance standards, as well as the market share of high-efficiency equipment, are gradually increasing, the Program will be specific in its list of qualifying models, as well as marketing emphasis.

Please refer to the attached document for further information about this RFP.