Better Buildings Accelerator on Wastewater Infrastructure

Project Overview

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative has expanded to engage leaders in a set of Better Buildings Accelerators designed to demonstrate specific innovative policies and approaches in energy efficiency. The Wastewater Infrastructure Accelerator is recruiting state, local and regional partners and plans to kick off activities in September. The initiative will take place over three years with the partners engaging with water resource recovery facilities in their jurisdiction to accelerate a pathway toward a sustainable infrastructure of the future. The Accelerator aims to catalyze the adoption of innovative and best-practice approaches in data management, technologies and financing for infrastructure improvement.

Partners will seek to improve the energy efficiency of their participating water resource recovery facilities by at least 30 percent and integrate at least one resource recovery measure. Currently 37 facilities from nine partners have joined the Accelerator to receive technical assistance on best-practice approaches in data management, infrastructure improvements and project financing.

Get Involved 

If you’d like more information on how to participate or an overview of the Accelerator, click here or email Sapna Gheewala of the U.S. DOE.