About MEEA

MEEA's Mission, Vision, and Goals


The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a collaborative network advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest for sustainable economic development and environmental stewardship.


MEEA is a leader in raising and sustaining the level of energy efficiency in the Midwest by fostering market penetration of existing energy-efficient technologies and promoting new technologies, products and best practices.

MEEA Goals

  • Be the trusted source and advocate for energy efficiency policy and programs in the Midwest.
  • Inspire active participation in the Midwest's portfolio of energy efficiency programs through public recognition of achievements and promotion of their impacts.
  • Develop and facilitate programs, training and services that fill gaps in the regional energy efficiency portfolio and support emerging technology programs.
  • Promote the benefits of energy efficiency through an expanding membership base and impactful communications with key stakeholders.

Annual Reports & Regulatory Filings

MEEA's History — Over a Decade of Energy Efficiency