Midwest TRM Inventory

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) has developed this Midwest TRM Inventory in order to catalog existing Technical Resource Manuals (TRMs) in the Midwest and help our members gain a comprehensive perspective of TRM applications in the region. TRMs, or equivalent tools, are technical resources (in the form of a document, searchable database, spreadsheet or website) that offer prescriptive savings equations or deemed savings values that can be used by utilities and implementers running energy efficiency programs to calculate the energy savings associated with the energy efficiency programs.

The TRM Inventory includes a review of TRM purposes, development, update processes and applications in Midwest states; as well as a measure analysis that may identify opportunities for additional measure offerings in the region. The first section of this report provides an overview of general features of the TRMs in the Midwest. The second section of the report explores the distribution of measure categories in the region with an eye toward identifying opportunities for additional measures that state TRMs could include in future updates.

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