HVAC SAVE: A Case Study in the Next Evolution of Residential Quality Installation Programs

At a time when most of the low hanging fruit of residential energy efficiency programs has been picked and savings are becoming harder to capture, HVAC Quality Installation (QI) programs show potential for increased savings. There is evidence that the potential energy savings resulting from higher efficiency equipment is not being fully realized in the field due to a variety of factors, including the skill of the installation contractor and the lack of in-field visibility on installed performance. HVAC System Adjustment & Verified Efficiency (SAVE) is a Verified Quality Installation/Quality Maintenance program that combines contractor training on quality installation practices and verification through performance testing. It is through this data-driven approach that market transformation of installation practices and additional energy savings can be achieved.

MEEA partnered with Energy Stewards International (ESI) to develop the HVAC SAVE program to train and certify HVAC contractors in the skills necessary to determine in-place efficiency of functioning HVAC systems. There are two main components to the HVAC SAVE program: contractor training and field performance testing. The goal of the combination of these two elements is to have the contractors take what they have learned in the classroom, apply it in the field by optimizing installed equipment, and then verify their installation through real time web-based diagnostic testing. Read on >>

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