Commonwealth Edison Wins MEEA Inspiring Efficiency Chairman’s Award

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Commonwealth Edison Wins MEEA Inspiring Efficiency Chairman’s Award

CHICAGO – ComEd, the electric utility serving northern Illinois, is the recipient of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) Inspiring Efficiency Chairman’s Award for its dedication to energy efficiency policy and programs over the past decade. ComEd was given the award at the 10th annual Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago.

As a founding member of MEEA in 2000, ComEd served in a leading role on MEEAs Board of Directors from 2000 through 2010. In addition to commitment to MEEA through membership, ComEd has been a long-time supporter of MEEA’s annual Midwest Energy Solutions conference. The utility has always supported the event and worked to make it the successful and valuable forum it is today.

“For its leadership, guidance and dedication to energy efficiency, MEEA is proud to present its 2012 Chairman’s Award to Commonwealth Edison,” said Jay Wrobel, MEEA executive director. “With its strong engagement, long-standing leadership and support of energy efficiency measures, ComEd sets the standard for the industry in the Midwest and across the country in supporting energy efficiency.”

“We are honored and privileged to be recognized by MEEA, a partner in empowering consumers to save energy and conserve resources” said Anne Pramaggiore, ComEd’s president and chief operating officer. “ComEd recognizes the vital role efficiency plays in our state’s energy future and will continue to make energy efficiency a priority in the coming years. ComEd is beginning a $2.6 billion smart grid investment over the next 10 years, to enhance efficiency, create green jobs, develop new opportunities for renewable energy projects and expand existing conservation programs throughout the state.”

“Our work to modernize ComEd’s  electric grid are expected to boost  rooftop solar and wind projects, and to help residential and small business customers save money by saving energy.”

ComEd’s dedication to energy efficiency policy and programming has been impressive. The company was an active negotiator in supporting the development of the Illinois Power Agency Act in 2007, which established a two percent energy efficiency goal for the state’s electric utilities – the highest in the Midwest.

In the first year of programs under the new efficiency standard, ComEd showed great leadership working in partnership with the local gas utility to offer joint programs increasing efficiency gains and consumer savings. In fact, ComEd exceeded the mandated targets in the first few years under the new efficiency mandate and continues to meet increasing required savings goals each year. ComEd’s strong engagement and support of energy efficiency measures also set an example for the industry in the region and across the country.

Over the years, ComEd has also been a strong proponent behind many of the state’s most successful energy efficiency programs, including Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star. The company’s support has also been invaluable to ensuring the success of efficiency programs, including Lights for Learning, Building Operator Certification, and the Change a Light, Change the World campaign – MEEA’s very first program, which started in 2001.

The Chairman’s Award is bestowed each year to an organization or individual that has exhibited exemplary leadership for energy efficiency in the Midwest and support of MEEA.


About ComEd

Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) is a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities with approximately 5.4 million customers. ComEd provides service to approximately 3.8 million customers across northern Illinois, or 70 percent of the state’s population. 

About Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

The Midwest Energy Solutions Conference is the largest event of its kind in the region. Each year it brings together a broad range of private- and public-sector thought leaders from around the nation who share a vested interest in energy efficiency.

The conference is presented by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), the region’s source on energy efficiency. Formed in 2000, MEEA is committed to advancing sound energy efficiency programs, policies and priorities in the Midwest. MEEA’s membership represents a broad consortium of energy stakeholders from across a 13-state area.

Now in its 10th year, the conference continues to grow as energy efficiency investment increases in states across the Midwest. Responding to attendees, the conference has expanded to include a formal expo to provide more opportunities to highlight and promote energy efficiency programs, products and companies.