Business leaders celebrate Michigan’s energy efficiency success stories

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Business leaders celebrate Michigan’s energy efficiency success stories

Energy efficiency policies drove $246 million in investment in 2013

LANSING—Business leaders today highlighted the important contributions of the energy efficiency industry to Michigan’s economy at the 2014 Michigan Energy Efficiency Expo. 

“Today’s expo provides a great opportunity for Michigan business owners from across the state to connect with their legislators and share the successes of our energy efficiency industry,” said Brindley Byrd, executive director of Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors Association. “These businesses are helping Michigan families, businesses, non-profits and government save money by reducing energy waste and trimming utility bills.”

The event, sponsored and cohosted   by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, brought together small businesses, manufacturers, efficiency program implementers, and other energy stakeholders to highlight the economic value of energy efficiency policies to the state of Michigan and to show the business community’s support for energy efficiency.

“Michigan’s entrepreneurial spirit truly shines in the energy efficiency sector, with new small businesses opening continuously,” said Stacey Paradis, deputy director of Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. “The policy landscape in Michigan has provided an opportunity for the state to lead, create jobs and reduce energy use in all rate classes.”

Since the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act (P.A. 295) was signed into law in 2008, Michigan’s energy efficiency sector has become a true success story.  The law created a strong market for Michigan-made products like energy efficient windows, insulation and appliances.

“We’ve seen more than $2 billion in private-sector investment in clean energy since P.A. 295 was signed into law and that means Michigan businesses and families are benefitting, rather than sending our money out of state to import energy,” said Dan Scripps, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. “Ratepayers save more than $4 for every $1 invested in energy efficiency, making this common-sense policy a win-win.”

Michigan is home to more than 1,600 energy efficiency businesses that design, manufacture and install products. These businesses are finding unique solutions to help companies improve their bottom lines by reducing energy costs

“Michigan’s energy optimization goals helped my business grow by increasing customer interest in energy efficiency,” said Amanda Godward, founder and president of Ecotelligent Homes. “I grew Ecotelligent Homes from a home-based business to a five employee, brick and mortar company, and I continue to see opportunities for growth.”

The event featured numerous exhibitors in the capitol rotunda who employ Michigan workers, including:

Consumers Energy
Reckingers Enterprises Inc.
Michigan Saves
Eco Energy Solutions - Refrigeration/LED
Air Technologies
The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan
Ecotelligent Homes
JACO Environmental
SEEL, Inc.
FirstFuel Software
Tetra Tech, Inc.
Thorpe Energy Services
Coffman Electrical Equipment
Dr. Energy Saver
WaterFurnace International
Cambridge Engineering Inc,
WESCO International, Inc.
Lime Energy
Radiant Energy Systems
Dow Chemical Company
Lansing Board of Water & Light
Inland Power Group
Clarus Lighting and Controls
Michigan Public Service Commission
Midwest Energy Group
Michigan Geothermal Energy Association
3i Supply Company
Next Energy
Enertech Global
Fujitsu General America
6 Insulation Services
Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MCEF)


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