Midwest Energy Codes Status Report - March 29, 2013

Midwest Energy Codes Status Report

March 13, 2013 – March 29, 2013

The following is a brief rundown of building energy codes activity in the Midwest/Plains states.

Building Energy Codes Activity:


  • House Bill 1331, which would extend the residential code adoption cycle, has passed out of the Energy Committee and will be scheduled for a short debate in the Illinois House of Representatives.  The Legislature returns from recess April 8th, and they have until April 19th to call the bill for a vote.


  • Isaac Elnecave of MEEA gave a presentation to the Indiana Demand Side Management Coordination Committee in Indianapolis regarding codes utility programs. The Indiana Committee is interested in MEEA’s work with the utilities on the claimed savings working group and the potential for similar project development in Indiana.


  • There will be another stakeholder collaborative meeting in Iowa to discuss possible adoption of the 2012 IECC.  The first meeting on this issue involved stakeholders stating their positions as well as alternatives.  At the upcoming meeting, the plan is to include more substantive discussions on what should be included in the final energy code.  The meeting will be held on April 17th in Des Moines.


  • The Nebraska Code Compliance Collaborative held its first in-person meeting on March 27th in Lincoln.  There were around 25 attendees, including: home builders, local code officials, HERS raters, university researchers, and representatives from: MEEA, BCAP, Nebraska utilities, real estate professionals, the Lincoln Mayor’s office, and International Code Council.  The meeting focused on residential code compliance, with discussion on current compliance rates and potential for improvement.  The group heard about an upcoming compliance study coming out this year that will provide updated data on compliance with Nebraska’s energy code.  
    The group would like to expand their membership, including consumer advocates and more representatives from the real estate community.  Possible future action items, which will be an ongoing discussion, included: code trainings, code book handouts, appraiser trainings, and outreach to the real estate community and rural populations.  The next meeting will be held in late April, where the group hopes to form a mission statement and grow the participation.  For more information, please contact Chris Burgess at MEEA: cburgess@mwalliance.org.

ACEEE Market Transformation Conference - Washington D.C.

  • At the ACEEE Market Transformation Conference, there was a panel discussion on energy code claimed savings programs on March 25th.  Speaking on the panel were: Isaac Elnecave from MEEA, Allen Lee from Cadmus Group, Olga Livingston from PNNL, and Randall Higa from Southern California Edison.  The panel discussed the recently released NEEP report on utility codes programs and various methods for converting increased compliance rates into actual energy savings.  Isaac provided perspective on the Illinois claimed savings working group, and Randall spoke on work being done in California.  A link to conference presentations will be provided in a future update.

For more information on MEEA’s energy codes activities, please contact:

Isaac Elnecave | Senior Policy Manager                          Matthew Giudice | Building Policy Associate
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance                                 Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
312.784.7253                                                                         312.374.0926
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