Methodology for Calculating Potential Energy Savings from Improved Energy Code Compliance

At the 2016 International Energy Program and Policy Evaluation Conference in Amsterdam, Isaac Elnecave, Senior Building Policy Manager, gave a presentation (based on a recently completed paper) on the recently completed energy code compliance field study in Kentucky (funded by the Department of Energy).  For the largely international audience, Mr. Elnecave gave a brief overview of state of building energy codes in the United States, described the methodology for conducting the field study and then gave an overview of the results. 

Although many jurisdictions in Europe have adopted more energy efficient codes than the United States, the lack of code enforcement and compliance is a problem that exists over there as well.  Consequently, they are interested in the ways that stakeholders in the United States are attacking the issue.   Of particular interest to the audience was the simple mechanics of how energy codes are adopted and enforced.  Moreover, the audience expressed disbelief at the lack of compliance for high efficacy lighting which led to an interesting discussion of how attitudes differ between the United States and Europe.  Read the full paper >>