Energy Efficiency: Saving Energy, Saving Money, and Creating Jobs for Ohio

Three years ago, in April 2008, the Ohio General Assembly with nearly unanimous support
passed Senate Bill 221 (SB221) which the Governor signed it into law in May 2008. Among other
clean energy provisions, SB221 established an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) for
investor-owned electric utilities (IOUs) in the State of Ohio. The EERS requires that a percentage of
the load (the amount of electricity that customers use each year) based on an average of the actual
customer electricity use over the preceding three years be met through energy efficiency measures
rather than supplied electricity. 

This paper explores the economic impact of SB221 on Ohio, highlighting successes in implementation in the early years of Ohio's energy efficiency programs and providing estimates of future benefits to Ohioans from energy efficiency policies and programs.

This paper was released in conjunction with the 2011 Ohio Energy Expo on May 11, 2011.