Take the Midwest Solid-State Lighting Plans & Perceptions Survey

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance invites
you to participate in the second annual

Midwest Solid-State Lighting
Plans & Perceptions Survey

As MEEA’s partners in energy efficiency expand their involvement with advanced lighting, it can be useful to understand the general atmosphere and perceptions surrounding these new technologies.  With solid-state lighting (also known as LEDs), MEEA commonly receives inquiries from our colleagues wanting to understand what information is available, how it’s being shared, and whether it is affecting our respective approaches to SSL adoption.  

To aid MEEA’s regional partners in answering these questions, we have coordinated with the U.S. Department of Energy's TINSSL program to issue the Midwest SSL Plans & Perceptions Survey.  This survey is now live and we are seeking your responses!  If you do not have involvement with your organization’s efforts in lighting or efficiency, feel free to ask an appropriate colleague to complete this survey. Here are two good reasons why taking 15 minutes to complete this survey is worth the effort.

Make your Voice Heard!

The U.S. Department of Energy will be taking a keen look at the feedback provided by those who respond to this survey.  The response U.S. DOE receives from you will be used to ensure that the information and programs provided to us in the Midwest suit our needs and demands.  Is there something you’d like to see from U.S. DOE?  Now’s your chance to let them know about it.

See the Results!

All respondents to this survey will receive a summary report containing the compiled results of all participants, which will help you to gauge how well your understanding of SSL and the way you approach the technology aligns with others in our region. Likewise, MEEA will be hosting a webinar for participants in December which will feature an in-depth discussion of the results. Unsure of your footing when it comes to SSL? Our summary report will help you understand how other Midwestern energy professionals are engaging with this technology.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the survey and make your voice heard!

 U.S. DOE’s SSL Resources

For more information and resources related to SSL, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy's page on solid-state lighting.

If you have any questions on MEEA’s involvement in efficient lighting, please email Jacob Hannan.